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471779413 // Complete Protein Blend™

Complete Protein Blend™
  • Sustained-release protein blend
  • Whey, Milk and Egg Protein
  • Delicious taste
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS® commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS® always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    Complete Protein Blend™ is exclusive to BULK POWDERS™. Simply, it is a delicious combination of high quality protein sources, which create a slow and fast release protein blend - immediately delivering vital amino acids to the muscles upon consumption and continuing to do so thereafter, over a sustained period of time.

    The protein in Complete Protein Blend™ is derived from premium sources of Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate and Egg White Powder. They have been combined in a 50:35:15 ratio, which ensures a complete amino acid profile for optimum results.

    All the protein sources in Complete Protein Blend™ are European sourced, from leading suppliers – guaranteeing quality and delivering over 23g protein (78%) per 30g serving. Some protein blends use poor sources of protein and hide them in a ‘matrix’. With these products you will not know exactly what and where the protein sources come from, and often they are from cheaper varieties such as Soya and Pea Protein. As with all BULK POWDERS™ products, Complete Protein Blend™ is completely transparent – so you know exactly what you are getting.

    In addition to the slow and fast release protein blend, Complete Protein Blend™ also contains Glutamine Peptides. Glutamine improves recovery from exercise, prevents muscle loss and promotes muscle growth.

    Not only is Complete Protein Blend™ unrivalled in terms of quality and formulation, but it is also unbelievably delicious. We receive feedback daily from people stating that it is the best tasting protein ever – and we agree.

    The final aspect of Complete Protein Blend™ is of course the price. Per serving it represents fantastic value for money – putting other brands to shame. In terms of quality, transparency, taste and price – Complete Protein Blend™ has no equal.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    Complete Protein Blend™ Ingredients

    Slow and Fast Release Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Egg White Powder), Glutamine Peptides, Cocoa Powder (Chocolate and Chocolate Cookies), Flavour (Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate and Chocolate Cookies), Natural Colour (Beta Carotene for Banana; Beetroot Red for Strawberry), Antifoaming agent, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Sweetener (Sucralose), Instantising Agent (Soya Lecithin).

    Complete Protein Blend™ Nutrition Information

    Nutrition per 30g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 455/109 1515/362
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 0.12g 0.4g
    Protein 23.3g 77.6g
    Salt 0.2g 0.67g

    Suitable For



    Milk, Lactose, Egg, Gluten & Soya (from Soya Lecithin).

    Note: Chocolate Peanut Complete Protein Blend™ does not contain nuts.


    Mix 30g Complete Protein Blend™ (1 slightly heaped scoop) in 200ml water. Use 1-3 servings daily, or in accordance with your protein requirements.


    For building muscle, use Complete Protein Blend™ in conjunction with Complete All in One™. Complete Pre-Workout™ can be used prior to training sessions, and consider Complete Intra-Workout™ for during training.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Perfect Breakfast Shake Review by Al
    For me, I take Pre Complete Blend as a breakfast smoothie, mixed with oats, berries and milk. It's the perfect morning shake for when you need that early morning protein hit, I like the split between milk protein, whey and egg white, and it has a great amino profile. Personally, I've tried vanilla which tastes fantastic, and chocolate, which is very nice also. (Posted on 11/12/2017)
    Nice product! Review by Shaun
    Blends well! Nice taste, good product! (Posted on 03/12/2017)
    The best protein I have ever used! Review by Johanna
    I have tried different proteins before- the Beef Isolate, the Pure Whey and also some other products but this protein blend is by far the best one yet! I am currently using the Chocolate Cookies flavour and the taste is just phenomenal, not to mention the fast- and slow-releasing proteins that suit perfectly for a post-gym shake. Since the protein mixes very easily with liquids, I have also used it for making my own protein pancakes, brownies and guilt-free moccaccinos. Definitely going to order this one again in the future! (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    It works!! Review by Ash
    I can vouch for this product and safely say its a high quality protein supplement that WORKS! The reason I say this is because I have 9 meals a day... 5 of these meals are complete protein blend mixed with ultra fine scottish oats. So from the 300+g of protein I consume daily, about 125-150g comes from this product. If the quality was poor, then I wouldn't see great results week in week out.

    I am currently 245lbs @ 5ft9... biggest I have ever been and this protein supplement has certainly aided me in getting to this size and giving me gains in quality muscle... :D

    P.S. Chocolate cookies is the best flavour I have ever had of ANY protein supplement!! (Posted on 20/11/2017)
    taste so good, pleasure to drink rather than a chore Review by faz
    pricey but convenient way of boosting your protein intake. mixes really well, and doesn't tar up your shaker when trying to clean afterwards.

    *tastes* great coming in one end, but be warned, *smells* particularly terrible coming out the other! (Posted on 08/08/2017)
    Amazing Review by Kris
    It was first time i ordered this product and from now on it will be product that i will order over and over again! Quality of product,taste and mixabilty are just on another level. I had chocolate cookies flavour which i could drink for days. Thank you BULK POWDERS for having this amazing product (Posted on 05/08/2017)
    Great taste, easy to digest Review by PeteW
    The chocolate is great, takes a bit of getting used to because it's not so sweet as the normal whey, but after the first few goes the taste is far better. Strawberry flavour is good but not as good as strawberry. (Posted on 03/05/2017)
    Good product Review by Gus
    Decent product. Other online suppliers have similar products but in my opinion don't have as good a profile. This has 15% egg protein where as two others have a lot less (one with 3% and one with 1%). The blend is useful as I can take it in the morning and not worry if I don't eat till lunch.

    All chocolate flavours are great. (Posted on 17/01/2017)
    Perfect for Keto Diet Review by Paul S
    I searched and searched for a protein shake that would complement being on an ultra low carb diet and help me with the training aspect... This is definitely my 'go to' now! Love the strawberry. I am not a fan of things tasting of sweetener and find this tastes just like a good strawberry drink when mixed with water. Cheers! (Posted on 14/11/2016)
    Great Mixability and Taste Review by OC
    Mixes far easier than Pure Whey. It's not the reason why it's my main powder but a very important one. Chocolate Mint is simply delicious; keep making it. (Posted on 20/04/2016)
    Palateable Protein Review by Tall Paul
    Perhaps my 3 stars seem harsh but I intend to give an honest, constructive review.

    I purchased this in strawberry flavour as I have a preference for fruit flavours rather than chocolate or vanilla types, I always take protein shakes with water as I find milk give me too much bloating.

    So the first thing I noticed is that it blended fairly well. Coming from Icon protein, a very expensive brand, I found this to be a little more grainy and required a little more "vigorous" shaking.

    Second thing I noticed was the flavour. It just wasn't quite there but, as I said, I guess I have been spoiled by using a premium brand in the past.

    Finally I found it went down very well. I've had some shocking powders in the past that really made me gag. This was pleasantly palateable, I enjoyed drinking it and will enjoy finishing the pack.

    Like I stated, I'm not picking but want you to see an honest review. If you can tolerate a little "blander" flavour and a slightly grainy texture compared to the more expensive brands then this stuff is just champion.

    Personally I'm happy paying a little more for premium and look forward to trying Bulk Powder's Pro Series line of products. (Posted on 19/04/2016)
    The only protein I buy. Review by James
    After years of spending a small fortune on the big brand whey and casein proteins and making sure i got each one at the right time of day, i have finally moved on from seeing protein as a supplement and more as a food. With that in mind i checked out the complete protein blend, which i now take through the day, after workouts and before bed. The mix of different protein sources provide all the nutrition and aminos that i need in one easy serving. its simplicity. I love the chocolate, but also have banana and strawberry for variety and i mix it with either coconut or almond milk. For me it stops at this protein, I found all i need, i don't need anything else and i certainly don't think I'm losing out on anything i thought i got from the big brand stuff. (Posted on 29/03/2016)
    Great product! Review by Rachel
    I love this protein, the chocolate peanut and the plain chocolate flavour are really nice, however I tried the chocolate cookies after the rave reviews but found it waaaaay too sweet.

    I find the shakes taste best with cold milk (I use almond milk and ice). (Posted on 12/02/2016)
    Very good protein Review by Ryan
    Mixes well, no lumps, a bit foamy but I find that with all shakes with egg protein anyway.

    Vanilla flavour tastes better mixed with milk. (Posted on 07/02/2016)
    Chocolate Peanut Review by Kyrun Spraggs ♿
    What a great tasting protein blend from bulk powders. The best tasting powder I've had. Nice and smooth In the mouth and down the throat easy to mix and no lumps after shaking! (Posted on 19/01/2016)
    Useful to no that I can use dairy free milk and it won't go lumpy, like other products do Review by naomi
    I found this product really good. I brought the chocolate cookies but it tastes like coconut and I don't like coconut flavour stuff. But as the product works I am happy to still use it. I tried once with water and it was fine and today I mixed it with rice milk as allergic to dairy. Most products I have tried in the past, go very lumpy and funny with out proper milk but this worked out fine. It is useful to no that I can use dairy free milk and it won't go lumpy where it can't mix. I also mixed in there fine oats to keep me fuller for breakfast. Will be trying out a different flavour next time. (Posted on 25/08/2015)
    Chocolate cookies = best protein ever Review by EdMenac
    Been using this for about 2 years - have yet to find a powder which tastes better or which has a better kcal/protein ratio.

    Chocolate cookies is the BEST protein flavour I have ever had. This powder doesn't taste chalky at all, it's very smooth and a lot like Nesquik milkshake. Banana and strawberry are nice, but pretty standard. Toffee popcorn tastes quite strange though, so I'd recommend skipping that one.

    Worth mentioning that there's no aspartame in this either, which is great, especially since it tastes very good but with very few carbs.

    Powder mixes well in a shaker bottle, but also is very easy to stir into yoghurt or porridge. I wouldn't recommend trying to stir it into liquid like milk or water though, as it does clump. But if you mixed it gradually in you might get away with it.

    In terms of nutritional profile, I prefer this over other proteins because it has a mix of whey (rapid absorption) and casein/egg which is absorbed more slowly. For this reason, it's very versatile and great to take straight after a workout, but equally good as a bedtime snack or meal replacement.

    I would strongly recommend mixing this in with greek yoghurt, as it tastes AWESOME, like chocolate mousse. Seriously.

    All in all:
    + Tastes awesome
    + Mixes well in shaker and into food
    + Tastes awesome
    + No aspartame
    + Excellent amount of protein per kcals
    + Did I mention it tastes awesome?
    + Versatile due to slow and fast protein types (Posted on 23/08/2015)
    Awesome stuff Review by Chris
    Went out on a limb and ordered 5kg of the chocolate peanut flavour. I used it in place of another brand and was amazed at the product. Twice as much for the same price and no issues mixing at all. Very happy with it. Will be trying out a few more flavours in the near future. (Posted on 09/06/2015)
    Perfect Product Review by Sarah
    I have never had a better experience with a protein powder. I bought 10kg of the chocolate peanut flavour and I am still not bored of it. I use it with micellar casein and Ultra Fine Scottish Oats in a pre-workout shake and a post-workout shake and for a quick breakfast if I'm in a rush. You can't go wrong with this protein powder because it is a blend, it keeps you sustained for longer than just whey. (Posted on 07/05/2015)
    Great product Review by ijohn1977
    Have been using this for about a month now, and I cant fault it.
    Taste is great (Strawberry) , mixes no problems and price for quality product is good.
    On top of this have always had great service from bulkpowders.com
    Thanks. (Posted on 23/04/2015)
    Brilliant Review by Blade Runner
    This is an excellent protein powder - much more muscle fullness & faster recovery. It mixes very easily and the two flavours I've tried so far are very good too - strawberry & chocolate peanut. (Posted on 23/03/2015)
    Awesome product! Review by Mlpalm
    Recently changed from an expensive Holland and Barrett whey protein, after a bit of research and eventually purchased chocolate cookie flavour. Very nice taste, not too sweet yet it hits the spot and fills the chocolate crave. It mixes well with water, yet to try with milk! (Posted on 24/02/2015)
    Taste sensation Review by DAVID
    The toffee popcorn flavour of this is awesome. Works as any good protein should it's just finding ones that satisfy your taste buds, and this is the best one I've tasted! (Posted on 11/02/2015)
    Great tasting all-round protein Review by Damo
    Great tasting protein with all the essentials. Will be buying regularly. (Posted on 24/01/2015)
    Can't recommend highly enough Review by Michael
    Absolutely excellent product. Mixability is perfect and the taste, chocolate peanut in particular, is fantastic. Really look forward to 'shake-time'. I take a shake in the morning when I wake up, mid afternoon and after workout; along with other supps like IBCAA's and Creatine.

    Results for continual usage of this product have exceeded expectations. (Posted on 26/11/2014)
    Awesome!! Review by Charlotte
    I tried the Complete Protein Blend as a freebie with my recent order. I chose the Chocolate Cookies as I have a sweet tooth. Easy to mix, pleasant smelling and great tasting. I'd definitely recommend this product on first tasting! You don't get any bits in the formula that I've found in other brand protein and it doesn't foam too much either.

    Great stuff :) (Posted on 21/11/2014)
    Excellent before bed Review by Luke
    Great stuff, great mixability and an all round top product. Chocolate flavour is a great choice. (Posted on 15/11/2014)
    Perfect anytime of day Review by Gavin
    I have used this and found it really is perfect to be taken anytime of day.

    No bloating or gas.
    (Posted on 12/10/2014)
    Banana Review by Benjamin
    Initial smell and taste was a tad unpleasant - a lot like that of unflavoured protein powders. The banana flavouring itself is somewhat subtle compared to the other flavours I have tried (chocolate cookies and chocolate peanut) and doesn't really kick in till you have finished the shake leaving a very pleasant after taste. Texture was perfectly smooth but a little too frothy (blender bottle) and it mixed very quickly. All in all a solid product and I look forward to trying the toffee popcorn flavour next! (Posted on 11/09/2014)
    Great taste, mixes well Review by Frazer
    Received this as a sampler on my first order - chose the chocolate cookies flavour. The taste was very nice and mixed perfectly (had experiences with protein shakes that stay lumpy ergh!!!)

    I can't say much about the effects as like I said was a sampler.

    I can say once I have finished my whey from, and I dare to say it, MyP******, I will be purchasing this product!!! (Posted on 03/09/2014)
    Amazing Review by Sean
    Flavor I chose was Chocolate cookies, With water it tastes Nice with Milk it tastes AMAZING!, Absolutely fantastic value, Shipping was fast, Very Happy Customer. Will be Referring all my friends to BULK POWDERS! (Posted on 27/08/2014)
    Great stuff Review by IAN
    Mixes really well, tastes great and great value, can't fault it and so cheap. Well pleased! (Posted on 31/07/2014)
    Gains Review by Steve
    Loads of reviews are on flavour/taste but I want to report the best gains I've seen in a drink, good recovery, no bellyache and deffo a lot harder...........and on flavour I've tried only four but can't look past banana.....quality product, good consistency, super taste and cheap.10/10 (Posted on 19/07/2014)
    Chocolate cookies is the one! Review by Beth
    Tried several flavours and 100% recommend the chocolate cookies. In my opinion, the other flavours leave a lot to be desired. I also find that chocolate cookies mixes best leaving no clumps of powder at all. Absolutely fantastic way to fix chocolate cravings- I make it into a milkshake, hot chocolate and steamed chocolate pudding by mixing it with egg whites and whacking it in the microwave. Fab post work out shake, very pleased I found it! (Posted on 14/07/2014)
    Awesome taste. awesome product Review by CW
    I have now gone through 5kgs of the Chocolate Cookies and I love it. Mixes easy, tastes great, and has the right protein profile for that nice shot of protein following a workout followed by a drip feed of slower breaking down protein the rest of the day. I just bought a bag of strawberry and one of banana and I think the banana may be even better than chocolate cookies! (Posted on 01/07/2014)
    Great tasting, great mouthfeel Review by Mark
    I have a couple of scoops with milk on a morning as breakfast replacement and it keeps me full until lunchtime.

    The flavours are great (chocolate peanut is like mashing certain rounded chocolate peanuts into your face; the toffee popcorn is a nice mild caramel flavour and the strawberry is very refreshing), and there's no stringiness I've found with other powders. (Posted on 20/06/2014)
    By far my fav flavour of the lot! Easily mixed this protein powder is my fatal attraction! Whenever we get together it's irresistible. (Posted on 17/06/2014)
    Choc cookies Review by Les
    I'm a huge fan of bulk powders, love the cool logo easy website & the taste/quality of the protein shakes are extremely good! This month is choc cookies! I'm not loving this one though, it tastes good but not like other flavours, which have been in my opinion spot on to what they represent. (Posted on 10/06/2014)
    Does what they said it would! Review by Sy
    I've been taking Reflex Peptide Fusion for years and have had very good results with it, but Reflex is quite expensive. Then I found found Bulk Powders, specifically Complete Protein Blend which is their equivalent to Reflex Peptide Fusion (only with better ratios in Bulk Powders) which is not only cheaper but actually mixes better (kinda like a syrup in texture when mixed) and for a supplement taste (strawberry) quite good.

    My weights have all gone up and I'm continuing to gain in lean muscle mass since using it and all at a much cheaper price.

    What more could you want!

    My only complaint is I wish it came in tubs. (Posted on 27/05/2014)
    Bananarama baby! Review by Les
    I love Bulk Powders products! The consistency is somewhat grainy I'll admit but I actually don't mind it lol. The taste though is what consistently keeps drawing me back no matter what it is, I really enjoy it. (Posted on 23/05/2014)
    Chocolate Cookies flavour - good product Review by Mr. Marcus
    Great price, great taste.

    Easy to comsume, I use around 1 scoop (30g) with 250-270 ml. of water. Shake for around 1 min. and this all together gives the shake a very good consistency and taste.

    Some say that the choc cookies flavour is way too sweet, but I don't find this true at all, if you just use 50-70 ml. of water more than recommended, as I do. You get what you buy - chocolate cookies flavour (-: (Posted on 26/04/2014)
    Chocolate cookies good but... Review by Brendan
    ...Not as nice as all the reviews make out. The flavour is nice but strange - to me at least- and the texture is as if it has had biscuits ground up and put in there.

    I've previously used the whey concentrate from BP in chocolate flavour and although it was great tasting and easy to mix i put on a stone of mostly fat in the 3 months I used it (even though I work out hard 4-6 times a week) so was looking for something low on fats and sugars this time - this product claims to be just that.

    Delivery was excellent as usual - and free.

    So no complaints but I have to question some peoples rating of 5 based on flavour alone - I thought the WPC Chocolate flavour beats this hands down but I guess taste is a personal thing.

    I will be interested to see if this product keeps me feeling fuller for longer due to the combination of different protein sources and will re submit a rating in due course. (Posted on 10/04/2014)
    Love the strawberry with milk! Review by Gry
    I know it says do blend with water, but I honestly do not think that it tastes good that way. With skimmed milk on the other hand, it tastes amazing! I blend 10g per 100ml milk, and the milk gives extra protein as well. Looove the strawberry, not so much a chocolate-cookie girl (never thought I'd say that). (Posted on 26/03/2014)
    Brilliant product Review by David
    This has been one of the best protein products I've used. Lean gains and very easy to mix with water or skimmed milk. Very impressed (Tasty too which helps). (Posted on 24/03/2014)
    Good value, great nutrition Review by Brock
    Chocolate flavour is amazing, mixes really well. Good results too! (Posted on 11/03/2014)
    Not bad, but could be better. Review by James
    So decided to order the chocolate cookies flavour since it got so many good reviews on here....I cant say i was ''wow'd' as some of the other people reviewing on here seem to be, but its better than some other stuff Ive had over the years.

    I feel like the protein ratios are wrong in this product though, if you are using it as a meal replacement there is too much whey, which means it wont stay in your system long and keep you full. They should have lowered the protein ration to around 20-30% and upped the milk protein quantity per serving (since more egg would likely make i taste bad) this would have been more optimal.

    I ended up having to add casein to each serving to keep me fuller and protein in the blood longer. (Posted on 06/03/2014)

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