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1738288770 // ELEVATE™

Premium Pre-Workout

  • Our strongest & most effective pre-workout
  • Batch tested for banned substances
  • Highly dosed ingredients in transparent dosages
Expert Formulated

BULK POWDERS® Pro Series™ product formulations are unrivalled - a panel of experts have created industry leading products, with no expense spared. All dosages are backed by research, with absolutely no ingredient sprinkling.

High Performance

BULK POWDERS® always have high performance at the forefront of product development; from ingredient sourcing to the formulas themselves, the products really are the epitome of high performance.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    Anthony Joshua (IBF, WBA & IBO Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist) says "Training camps are gruelling and Elevate really helps me push through those sessions, so I can consistently improve."


    We believe that ELEVATE™ is not only the most effective pre-workout supplement in Europe – but the world. We understand this is a bold statement – but we really mean it. In fact, if you purchase ELEVATE™ and are not entirely happy, we will refund you!* As far as we are aware, ELEVATE™ is the only pre-workout to come with this money-back guarantee.

    In addition to the above, and as part of the Informed Sport programme, every batch of ELEVATE™ undergoes rigorous independent testing for banned substances by a world-renowned anti-doping laboratory. It is for this reason that ELEVATE™ is confidently used throughout Europe by everyone from casual gym-goers to professional athletes; who have the highest level of assurance that it is free from banned substances.

    When formulating ELEVATE™ we concentrated on only including ingredients that directly improved performance. Of course, these ingredients would only be incorporated in highly effective dosages, and those dosages would be made clear – as opposed to them being hidden in a matrix or proprietary blend. Many famous pre-workout supplements (most of which originate from the USA) do not actually do anything to improve exercise performance. Instead, they are loaded with stimulants that simply make it feel like they are working. In contrast, ELEVATE™ will not only feel like it is working, but the results will be clear in your performance.

    ELEVATE™ contains a massive 13 active ingredients. Whilst this is not the most of any pre-workout, it is the unrivalled dosages of each ingredient that set this formula apart from the competition. Each serving delivers over 25g active ingredients – all of which will contribute to the best workouts of your life.

    A serving of ELEVATE™ contains the following ingredients:

    Vitargo® 10g: The ultimate sports performance carbohydrate. With its ultra-fast absorption rate, Vitargo® will rapidly supply glycogen to the muscles and has been clinically proven to improve performance.

    Beta Alanine 3.2g: Very few pre-workouts contain over 3g Beta Alanine, particularly alongside other highly dosed ingredients. Beta Alanine is a popular supplement to increase resistance to fatigue and is a must have for any pre-workout.

    Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) 3g: Few pre-workouts offer this level of nitric oxide boosting Arginine. Arginine increases blood flow, enabling greater delivery of nutrients to the muscles. Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate is said to be the most potent form of Arginine.

    Citrulline Malate 3g: Citrulline Malate augments nitric oxide production; it is also important in reducing the negative effects of ammonia on performance. Few pre-workout formulas contain as much as 3g Citrulline Malate.

    Trimethylglycine (TMG) 2.5g: ELEVATE™ contains Trimethylglycine to help increase power output. Studies have backed this supplement in relation to increased number of repetitions and peak power, making it an obvious inclusion.

    Taurine 2g: Taurine heightens focus, but is also beneficial to prevent lactic acid build up caused as a consequence of strenuous exercise. At the same time, Taurine is also a potent cell volumiser.

    Glucuronolactone 500mg: A popular nutrient in energy drinks such as Red Bull®, Glucuronolactone helps to increase energy and focus.  

    L-Tyrosine 400mg: Tyrosine is a pre-cursor to adrenaline and helps to improves focus, concentration and mood. This is important in any workout!

    Grape Seed Extract 300mg: In addition to increasing blood flow, Grape Seed Extract is a potent anti-oxidant.

    Caffeine 250mg: As well as increasing focus, Caffeine has been shown to reduce perceived exertion. Essentially, when training, your body is actually working harder than you think it is. This enables you to train harder than you would otherwise.

    ActiNOS™ 180mg: This powerful ingredient has been shown to vasodilate blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow and incredible muscle pumps.

    Vitamin B6 25mg: Vitamin B6 is also included in ELEVATE™ to metabolise energy-yielding nutrients, such as Vitargo®.

    BioPerine® 5mg: Has been included in ELEVATE™ to increase the absorption rates of all other ingredients.

    With a world-leading formulation, containing only premium forms of proven ingredients, plus a money back-guarantee and Informed Sport accreditation – you can’t afford not to make ELEVATE™ your next pre-workout!

    *If you are not happy with ELEVATE™, and have not used an unreasonable amount, simply return it to our specified returns address within 28 days of purchase. We will credit your customer account with BULK REWARD POINTS™ to the value of the returned product. 

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    ELEVATE™ Ingredients

    Vitargo®, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Trimethylglycine, Taurine, Flavouring, Natural Colouring (Beetroot Red – Summer Berry; Beta Carotene – Orange and Mango), Glucuronolactone, L-Tyrosine, Grape Seed Extract, Citric Acid, Caffeine, ACTINOS™, Sweetener (Sucralose), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), BioPerine®.

    Active Ingredients Per 27g Serving:

    Vitargo® 10g, Beta Alanine 3.2g, Citrulline Malate 3g, AAKG 3g, Trimethylglycine 2.5g,Taurine 2g, Glucuronolactone 500mg, L-Tyrosine 400mg, Grape Seed Extract 300mg, Caffeine 250mg, ACTINOS™ 180mg, Vitamin B6 25mg (1785% RDA), BioPerine® 5mg.

    ELEVATE™ Nutrition Information

    NUTRITION PER 27g (Serving) PER 100g
    Energy Kcal/KJ 101/422 374/1561
    Protein 14.2g 52.5g
    of which sugars
    of which saturates
    Fibre Nil Nil
    Sodium 0.2g 0.74g
    Salt Equivalent 0.51g 1.88g

    Suitable For





    Mix 1 level scoop (27g) with 250ml water in a Shaker Bottle. Consume 30-45 minutes before exercise, ideally on an empty stomach.

    Do not exceed 2 scoops in a 24 hour period and exercise caution if consuming with other Caffeine containing products as ELEVATE™ contains 250mg per serving.


    As a pre-workout supplement, ELEVATE™ combines effectively with a wide array of other products. Products commonly used in conjunction with ELEVATE™ include Complete Intra-Workout™, which takes care of your during workout nutrition; and INFORMED WHEY™, which will ensure you meet your daily protein intake requirements.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Great pre workout, great ingredient profile!! Review by Alex
    Great ingredient profile with good dosage of the different ingredients. This will surely give you a good workout! Big + for being informed sport/choice certified, important for athletes. (Posted on 15/12/2017)
    The real deal Review by Bluefool
    This stuff will give you a crazy workout, its great stuff! (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    the kick you need Review by dylan66
    this stuff really is better than any pre workouts on the market! gives the right dosage of caffeine along with beta alanine and others! works best on an empty stomach! (Posted on 11/12/2017)
    Really enjoying Elevate Review by SVB
    Great taste and energy with no crash! Will definitely buy again! (Posted on 07/12/2017)
    Better than most named brands Review by James
    If you know pre workout ingredients then you know this is a great formula without micro dosing of key more expensive ingredients such as citrulline. Beta alanine kicks in straight away and the flavour is sharp but certainly wakes you up and isn't unpleasant. (Posted on 06/12/2017)
    Tastes good Review by Neil monk
    After trying many pre work outs I was surprised how nice this tasted. More importantly gave me energy to complete first gym session after the Man Flu! (Posted on 06/12/2017)
    Excellebt Review by Pups
    It’s the right product for a great session in the gym. Helps with the early morning pump (Posted on 05/12/2017)
    Top stuff Review by Mr Essex
    I need to work out first in the morning due to a busy schedule and sadly I can't work out on an empty stomach which is why I love this stuff. Depending on how tired I am I either take 1 scoop to 1 and a half scoops, about 30 minutes my skin starts tingly and ready to go. If you are like me and can't work out on an empty stomach then give this a go and you won't regret it. (Posted on 04/12/2017)
    My "Go-To!" PRE-WORKOUT DRINK, for KARATE or the GYM without it! - BEST RESULTS! - BEST TASTE! - Every Time... Review by WARRIOR
    My "Go-To!" PRE-WORKOUT DRINK, for KARATE or the GYM without it! - BEST RESULTS! - BEST TASTE! - Every Time...

    Tried many that don't come close for results, taste and none of stomach upset's that some lesser sports nutrition drinks can give you.

    And because of this Bulk Powders is now first on my list for premium sports nutrition products, high in benefits!!!, while low in fat! & sugar! this is important to me.

    TOP 5 FAV's:
    Informed Cassein
    Informed Whey (Posted on 24/11/2017)
    Best I've had in a while. Review by Gerry
    I don't normally post reviews but I believe this product is worth it's salt.
    Sometimes I find pre workouts too much on the 'stimulant' side and that's no good for me as the crash isn't worth it.
    I tried Elevate today and the careful mixture of ingredients (Beta Alanine, Arginine etc) is awesome, the focus and pump was very good.
    1 scoop and intense training is all you need.
    Lovely. (Posted on 12/08/2017)
    Best pre-workout to date Review by Snowy
    I have found this is an excellent pre-workout product... unlike other brands no stomach upset, flavour is good too. (Posted on 21/07/2017)
    Very good value | Good performance Review by BOJO
    I had heard about elevate and was pleasantly surprised by the mix of ingredients. Smart - not too much buzz but a real boost to the work-out. Definitely coming back for more (Posted on 06/06/2017)
    It's like wrestling a bear whilst wrapped in bacon Review by Dan Howard
    This stuff is potent - plenty of energy from an over-diluted shaker (500ml water to 1 scoop), able to get a full weightlifting session done on it, without any drop off after it wears off, and no itchy face that you get with some other strong pre workouts.

    Recommend highly - it's amazing stuff! (Posted on 04/05/2017)
    Focus! Review by JR
    A crucial product to kickstart intense training, a great tasting drink that puts me in the right frame of mind to take on a 20km run, 100km cycle or intense pool session. Highly recommended! (Posted on 22/03/2017)
    Yasss! Review by Buddles
    Well I've tried this Elevate 4 times now and I'm impressed. Doesn't make you feel caffeine cranky which is good and I don't really seem to be affected by the "prickly skin" thing though my partner had a sip and it immediately made his lips tingle! However the focus is incredible and it's quite easy to be really motivated to go a little bit further and you feel almost awwww when you have finished your workout so you must know yourself to say "that is enough for today". It was demonstrated to me how much further this powder can take you when doing some barbell work .....I thought the weight seemed a bit heavy but finished the set and continued to power through another two sets. What had happened is that I had accidentally loaded one of the plates that was double the weight I should have used!. Good way to get a PB! Recommend this product and it mixes and tastes great. (Posted on 15/03/2017)
    Very good. Review by Miro
    Improved pump. (Posted on 28/01/2017)
    Unbelievable! Review by Timmy G
    I use Elevate before intense sessions including some PT sessions where we do pad work etc. After drinking I notice I feel very alert and eager to get to The Gym!

    During the sessions I feel sharp and alert and physically strong. It's done wonders for my Pad work routines where mental alertness is so important.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this product to those serious about working out. (Posted on 02/12/2016)
    Had to try couple different pre-workouts, but always ended up with this one! the taste is awesome and does wonders! even after prolonged use still works for me.
    Could do bit more different flours as im getting fed up now with those two. (Posted on 22/11/2016)
    Overall good but hard to drink the full dose due to clogging Review by Good but clogs
    Good pre-workout overall, gives you some tingles even after a while you've been using it.
    Only major downside: it completely clogs, most of the times even if you shake it well. What's the point of having a pre-workout when you can only drink half the dose because the rest has stuck on the bottom of the shaker? (Posted on 25/09/2016)
    Unexpected awesomeness Review by Jim
    I had my first elevate today - unbelievable! I don't usually write reviews but this needs to be highlighted! I bought it purely for resistance training to get over a persistent plateau. However, I thought I would try it out first for a cycle ride. The effects are a strange combination of illicit uppers and nettle stings. Despite some discomforting tingling or stinging, I rode twice as far and twice as hard! The effects wore off within a couple of hours - awesome! I definitely recommend it. I look forward to training on it tomorrow. I think this is the key! (Posted on 06/09/2016)
    Outstanding Review by Ben
    This stuff is awesome. It only takes about 15 mins to kick in for me (5ft 9, 80kg) i feel the kick and can keep going for ages after, really helps extend the set you're on or just workout for that bit longer. Gives you the energy to want to train. Brilliant product worth every penny. What's more it tastes really nice and mixes easily, so far I've only had the orange and mango, can't wait to try the others. (Posted on 03/09/2016)
    Elevate Review by FitnessBunny
    Day 1 , I tried this product and it didn't seem to do anything for me even though I had used other preworks out with less caffeine .
    I had been using the caffeine free pre workout from Bulk powders, as I was giving my body a break, and it was better than Elevate on Day 1. I

    On Day 2 of Elevate , I increased the dose to 1 and 1/3 scoops to 350 ml of water and it worked better. Having read some reviews here I measured out the scoop and it only measures 19/20 grms. It makes more sense now that Day 2 felt better.
    Will try it again tomorrow.... Day 3.... (Posted on 31/07/2016)
    Do not hesitate to enjoy this Review by robb192002
    Just purchased my third bag of Elevate. It delivers what it promises every single time in the gym.
    The product is perfect. (Although I am not a fan of the flexible packaging it comes in, when scooping out a measure some always falls out, but if it keeps Elevate's price down).
    Orange & Mango is fantastic flavour. (Posted on 15/07/2016)
    Works well!!! Review by Miniblob
    I've tried all three flavours... not keen on the summer berry, although it was drinkable. Orange & Mango and Cherry Cola flavours are great!!! Actually quite look forward to having one sometimes!!!
    These mix pretty easily, just with water in a basic shaker - and they really work!!!
    Not many pre-workout formulas really work on me, (I've tried quite a few), but something in this hits the spot!!! Definitely livens me up and helps me push, especially after a long day - and with no crash or ill effects afterwards!!!
    I usually have 1 & a half to 2 scoops about 30 mins before I hit the gym for a couple of hours - doesn't stop me sleeping afterwards, but not much does!!!
    Will be back for more!!! (Posted on 02/07/2016)
    Average Review by Ronan
    Pros: Got Orange and mango which had a nice taste. The ingredients in it are backed by science and are quite good. Definately does give a pump.

    Cons: High price per dose. Poor mixability, usually lumps at the bottom of shaker that wont mix no matter how vigorously I shake. The bag seal broke 2 days after purchase and wouldn't​ seal properly since. (Posted on 13/06/2016)
    Cherry Cola - Review by Ashy
    Have tried this formula previously when first launched in summer berry and have to say didn`t really like it though the effects of the formula were fine.

    Recently tried cherry cola and have to say the blend is great just a hint of cherry and a toned down cola flavour probably the best tasting preworkout i`ve tried though taste isn`t the priority.

    very focused with this product

    :) (Posted on 30/05/2016)
    unbelievable Review by Brewster
    Product as always is great, plus discount. The unbelievable factor is I ordered it at 7pm Wednesday night and it arrived before 10am Thursday morning, crazy fast. And the protein bars I ordered with elevate are great . (Posted on 17/03/2016)
    Great Product Review by Marz
    The taste is good (Orange and Mango), it mixes easily with water. It gives you a boost in your brain function where you find yourself well focused, in a good mood, and it lasts pretty much the whole day, I take it in the morning most of the time, but when i'm training I try to take it before training in about 2 hours. Saying that, I wouldn't recommend it late in the evening as it may cause difficulty sleeping. I take a whole scoop on training days, and if i feel like i need a kick to get me going the next day i take half in the morning and that works for me. Best thing about it unlike coffee you don't feel a crash effect afterwards. (Posted on 16/03/2016)
    Best pre-workout on the market!!! Review by Andrew B
    I've tried my fair share of pre-workout supplements. The ON pre-workout has been a favourite of mine for quite some time until I tried Elevate! Really gives you the edge when training! (Posted on 06/03/2016)
    Best Pre-Workout Review by Kev
    I have used many pre-workouts, some better than others however Elevate is the one that stood out for me. The orange and mango flavour was okay although it was abit tangy (this is expected). I took this on the odd occasion where I felt sluggish and lazy and this really does the trick. I take this 20 mins before I go to the gym and it makes me feel all electric. I am more focused at the gym and believe I can push a little harder. I feel like I have bundles of energy when I take this before football. I wouldn't take this every day though. (Posted on 18/02/2016)
    Unreal Review by Bully
    Never been a believer of pre workout until i tried this before rugby training, couldn't stop running and felt like i could keep going all night! will be ordering this again and again! Fantastic! (Posted on 21/01/2016)
    BUY THIS! Ignore the other pre-workouts! Review by Caino
    Mixes great, tastes great, works fast and performs during your workout. I've tried loads of pre-workout supplements including all the BP ones and this is well worth the money (especially if you get it in the sale ;) (Posted on 07/01/2016)
    Weird but wonderful Review by JT
    This is the first pre workout I've used so can't really compare it to another product, but it has made a difference to my workouts by letting me push on. Great for hill sprints and high intensity stuff. Side effect is a funny tingling in my face. Strange but effective. (Posted on 28/12/2015)
    good product Review by manuel
    It's a good product .I wouldn't say it's fantastic . It's good and it does the job . Good price too . I did expect more . However ....not to get disappointed...here is a piece of advice : don't put your hopes to high up. I'll buy again . I always buy from bulk powders . (Posted on 21/12/2015)
    Awesome Review by Lee
    Great pre workout... Loads of energy and the cherry cola flavour is bang on! (Posted on 02/12/2015)
    amazing Review by matt
    just done a month at gym with this stuff ooo my the diffrence is rediculous i can lift 1/3 more using this stuff also can last much longer and as im lifting heavier geting that fat burn on and puting that muscle on amazing product 5 star. (Posted on 02/12/2015)
    amazing product Review by matt wiseman
    tried this product today before gym and without a doubt is by far the best preworkout drink i have had i have tried 3-4 others including hot blood and arnold pump and i must say this is by far the best one i have taken gives you the tingles which i dont like but would say gives you much more energy to smash the weights at the gym :). (Posted on 12/11/2015)
    Well recommend this product Review by Pete Drew
    I've tried this product in the summer berry's flavour, the taste is nice, as for the effectiveness of this Pre-workout, I think it's awesome, you get great energy, a really good pump off it, and a great improvement in mind to muscle connection, had some of the best workouts ever using this product... (Posted on 23/09/2015)
    Strong stuff Review by liamcoppin
    Purchased this with great expectations after trying the lower Pre-workout stuff ... and i was not disappointed, this stuff kicks in within 5-10 minutes and im still tingling 3 hours later as it slowly wears off ... Highly recommend (Posted on 06/09/2015)
    Strong Stuff Review by walkz72
    Gave me the tingles, but pushed so much harder in the gym. Maybe bit pricey only issue. (Posted on 27/05/2015)
    One of the best! Review by Simon
    Having tried a fair few PW over the years, this is well up there as one of the best - the first time I took it around 20 mins after drinking it all I could feel a surge of energy starting to take effect, when i got to the gym my energy/aggression was well up there and it stayed there throughout the workout PR'ing on incline bench and flat DB bench press, no crash once I was home and so far the sensation has been identical overtime I've taken it. Well done BP, a very worthy product! (Posted on 25/05/2015)
    Highly recommended Review by Radi
    I am on my second bag of this pre-work formula and I strongly recommended. I tried other brands products but I found this one tastier, good on the stomach and definitely keeps me going for longer at the gym. (Posted on 19/05/2015)
    Powerful pre-workout! Review by Sarah
    Wow! You can feel this pre-workout from the first swallow. I get tingles in my fingers, toes and ears. I'm very small so I only need half a scoop of this to feel effects. A whole scoop is a bit too much for my little body to handle.

    Orange & Mango tastes acceptable but it's a pre-workout so don't expect it to taste like sweets!

    Energy during workouts remains high throughout and helped to hit PRs, what more could you ask for from a pre-workout? Oh yeah, of course, massive pump! Got veins popping that I didn't even know I had and painful muscle swelling in my arms even though I'm on low calories. Pleasantly surprised by all the effects since it's not the first pre-workout I've used. Great product, great value. (Posted on 07/05/2015)
    Turns you into a F%&#@!g Bulldozer Review by Roman
    I have been lifting for over 3 years and tried...I think...around 15 different pre-workouts, most were bad, some were good but this is without a doubt the best and most effective pre-workout I have ever tried.

    This thing is literally the "beast" switch when you take it, what I mean by that is that you don't feel hyper or jittery like with other pre-workouts but you feel it working where it actually matters: When you lift

    With this thing I can keep going for a long longer with my pumps and it gives you that much needed boost that you can feel working when you are in the gym (Posted on 19/04/2015)
    #rave on!!! Review by blackpoolirish
    Took this supplement as directed and almost immediately got a buzzing hit. Had to empty bowels after about 10mins [seems to be a theme with this stuff]. POWERFUL, PROLONGED ENERGY HIT AIDING MOST INTENSE WORKOUT EVER! (Posted on 13/04/2015)
    Warp factor 9.5 - Engage Review by Paul Horgan
    Just finished my first workout with this stuff. My good lord is it good.

    It is awesome. Took 1 scoop pre (40 mins) workout , and absolutely killed it in the gym.

    Expensive , but you definitely get what you pay for. (Posted on 30/03/2015)
    All Good! Review by Alex
    Mixes great, tastes nice (orange & mango) i add a couple off ice cubes. I've used this 4 times now and each time i had a poo 5 minutes after drinking it. i Would say its a coincidence but my mate gets the same, i train at home so not a problem for me apart from my mate stinks! but just a little warning for ya! i'm sure over products are the same, just reminds me of coming up to be honest. Makes my lips tingle a bit after drinking and 10 minutes in i get slight tingles up the back of my neck which is when i start to warm up. It defiantly gives you that bit more motivation to train and improves my concentration and endurance. Usually i have to slump straight on the couch for half hour after training but since taking this i get straight to cooking tea which is a bonus. Haven't felt any come down, but i do have a protein shake about an hour after the elevate which would probably combat that.

    Cheers BP (Posted on 28/03/2015)
    Outstanding Product Review by Steph
    This is the best pre workout on the market. I have the orange and mango and the taste is lovely, isn't overpowering and mixes well. I love this product as it doesn't leave me feeling funny or spaced out like some other brand pre workouts. This keeps me going through the toughest of sessions and leaves enough in the tank for a decent swim after. I often find taking this product I achieve a decent workout the next morning too. (Posted on 20/03/2015)
    this blew me away Review by Danie Boy
    This definitely put you in the zone and i can put a lot more into workouts. However it does give me a massive come down about an hour after my workout, that being said you will get that with most pre workout shakes. i would definitely recommend (Posted on 16/03/2015)
    Flawless Review by Ahmed
    i can't fault this product it puts me into beast mode every time i drink it! (Posted on 06/03/2015)
    Awesome Review by M
    Unrivalled ingredient list at an unrivalled price. A lot better than commercial pre workouts with proprietary blends and/or under-dosed ingredients. All of the ingredients in elevate are at the clinical proven dose or more. Had it yesterday on leg day...was amazing! Best pre workout I've tried! (previous pre workouts I have tried include Jack3d, craze, n.o.xplode, superpump, BIg J's intensity and many more) (Posted on 30/01/2015)
    Great pre-workout Review by Karl
    Amazing stuff.

    I can put so much more into my workouts.

    After a really hard day at work, a scoop of this stuff and you are itching to get into the gym (literally!)

    Doesn't interfere with sleep.
    (Posted on 22/01/2015)
    F***ING EXCELLENT! Review by Danny B
    2 Scoops with 500ml water and best workout ever! I have 4 kids so life is exhausting - Elevate gives me that boost to go get the job done...can't recommend highly enough. (Posted on 26/11/2014)
    This is the first time I've left a review for any kind of product - and I've only had one order off Bulk Powders and I've been on other Supplement websites for months...

    This is by far the BEST pre work out I've ever had. Others I've used such as Grenade .50 cal and BSN NO Xplode have been good - but ELEVATE trumps them both. For the following reasons.

    -The taste is great. It goes down so easy and it's actually enjoyable to take. Not like the faces you pull after chugging down a serving of .50 Cal. Recommend Summer Berries.

    -The lift you get after about 15 minutes is brilliant. It gets you on a high and gets you hyped ready for a big session. Great for those days when you're lacking that little bit of motivation. **I'd also like to point out that I've sometimes used this product just to get me through night shifts at work. I work 3am-3pm and this helps me through it when I've had no sleep (which is usually the case!) - just to give you an idea of how powerful it is**

    -Mixability. No problems whatsoever. Easy to mix with minimal effort, and sod all to clean out of your shaker afterwards! Unlike with other products you'd have a load of grainy bits still left in the shake and end up rinsing some of the serving away!

    -Cost. Modest price for a quality product. Very affordable and worth every penny. Would definitely buy a pack with larger servings!

    -14.2g of protein per serving, which is more than NO Xplode offers! Can't argue with that!

    -And finally... it's INFORMED SPORTS approved! Being in the Armed Forces and using pre workout products can be a big risk as CDT tests are getting stricter, so its nice to be able to continue to use a pre workout that's Informed Sports approved without any worries of jeopardising your career.

    Apologies for the essay but I really wanted to leave a review and get other people on the ELEVATE hype! Hand on heart, from one humble lifter to another.... this is the best. (Posted on 27/10/2014)
    Pump and focus Review by Gavin
    Elevate, it certainly does that, I have had epic gym sessions using this product.

    Better than probably anything else i have tried. (Posted on 12/10/2014)
    AMAZING PRE-WORKOUT Review by Youcef
    Thank you BP for this savage Pre-Workout drink:) I'm in college full time, work in a warehouse part time, play rugby 2-3 times a week and go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

    Your Elevate Pre-Workout formula makes my training sessions possible. Thanks:) (Posted on 09/10/2014)
    Have used other pre-workout products with varying success. Elevate gives you a flush like you get with Niacin, but you also get mental focus, and you Breeze through your workout. (Posted on 02/10/2014)
    Pre-workout of champions Review by Big T
    Took some of this away with me on holiday and was pleasantly surprised with the intensity of the workouts. Focus was good, I didn't get the fuzzy head I sometimes get with other products and beta tingles were minimal, even with a full dose. Would love this in a larger size though! (Posted on 15/09/2014)
    great Review by jon
    I think it has good effect, price is pretty high but I would buy again, & taste is excellent (Posted on 06/09/2014)
    The Best Around Review by Sam
    Brilliant product! Gives great energy and focus and its good to know that you aren't taking anything that may ruin your sporting career! Any chance of a few more flavours please? (Posted on 11/08/2014)
    Loving it... Review by Sven
    Forget NO-Xplode, Jack3d etc, this is the one. No crash after taking, just a feeling of pure energy and focus. Gives a great pump too, which is a bonus. Highly recommended and I've tried the lot! (Posted on 29/07/2014)
    Best pre-workout drink!! Review by Brendan
    Had trouble working out in the mornings and needed something to help get motivated and this stuff did the trick!! Really gave me that extra boost.. Will buy again.. (Posted on 17/07/2014)
    Great Stuff Review by Josh
    Much better than any other pre-workout I have used before. Had an impact pretty much immediately! Pretty good taste as well which is always a benefit (Orange & Mango). Only thing to watch out for is a little packet of silica gel that neatly disguised itself in a scoop and I nearly added to my shake! (Posted on 08/06/2014)
    WOW Review by Alex
    Having taken two months off any stimulants I decided to give Elevate a go as I begin my cut. I felt like a demigod while in the gym, set PR's on pull-ups & rows. Tastes lovely and to spice things up a bit I added some BCAAS as well. Amazing combination of proven substances. Will recommend to anyone looking for a pre workout! (Posted on 20/05/2014)
    Love it Review by Leigh
    I love it, I take it after a hard days work and it has me ready to blast another weight session and put the effort in. I also add creapure. Orange and mango tastes like sherbet, brings back memories.

    (Posted on 14/05/2014)
    it is worth it big time! Review by Johny
    I didn't expect that much of a difference since day one due to the fact that beta alanine take some days for you to notice the differences, but damn, today was simply one of my best leg days. BTW, summer berries taste is excellent.

    To bulk powders staff: any chance of a bigger package in the future? Let's say, double the actual size? :-p

    Note from BULK POWDERS: No plans right now, Johny, sorry! Glad you're liking it though!
    (Posted on 10/04/2014)
    Fantastic Review by Ian careless
    I have tried 3 of the Pro Series and I have to say that ELEVATE pre workout has given the best results.

    I noticed my workouts were better and I had more power to move than before.

    This definitely elevated me to the next level. Will buy again in weeks to come! (Posted on 18/02/2014)
    Taste Sensation! Review by Christopher
    I went for the Orange and Mango as on the whole I've not been impressed with BPs 'Berry' flavours . . . Elevate is delicious!

    Mixed well, I didn't get that awful froth on top, it's not bitter and I now actually enjoy drinking it compared to downing it like I used to do with other products.

    Only thing I miss is the tingle, but maybe that's not a bad thing! (Posted on 06/02/2014)
    Cant wait to try it! Review by Eivind
    I received my batch of Elevate 2 weeks ago, but it was missing its scoop. Since I dont have a kitchen-weight and its pretty important to get the right dose, I sent a mail asking to send me a scoop. I still haven't received it and Im growing more and more eager to start with Elevate as its just standing on my shelf now. I have quite alot of different scoops, i.e a couple of 50ml scoops. My question is, how can I measure it up without having to wait for a scoop, any tips? I got a mail saying 4 tablespoons would be 27 grams, but none of my tablespoons are the same size, so that would vary greatly I'm afraid. Thanks.

    Note from BULK POWDERS: Hello Eivind, and first our apologies that your ELEVATE did not come with a scoop; there should be a scoop in all products. The scoop in ELEVATE is 40ml by volume, so using 4/5 of your 50ml scoop will give you the perfect serving size! (Posted on 27/01/2014)
    The best pre-workout! Review by Christian
    This is actually my 2nd review of this product.

    Big thanks to Bulk Powders for actually responding to the question in my first post below, and clearing things up!

    I found it important to reiterate that since I use 27g per serving - as is intended - Elevate works perfect for me and is hands down the best pre-workout I've tried!

    It provides a nice, clean boost in energy, which even lasts about half an hour longer than my previous PWs!

    Plus there's no jitteryness or crash whatsoever - and it even tastes great!

    (Posted on 19/01/2014)
    Awesome taste, good price! Review by Danny
    Orange & Mango is the best thing I've tasted in a pre workout, ever. I've tried lots of different brands and tastes, but this one is definitely the best! I actually look forward to drinking it before my workout.

    Of course, the price is also great considering the ingredients, and it contains what I need for a great workout! (Posted on 16/01/2014)
    Fantastic Review by Dariusz
    I was taking a lot of pre-workouts before: CNP, BSN, Nutrex etc. some were better, some worse, but this beats them all, best pre-workout for me so far! Honestly, it tastes great (summer berry) and works fantastic. Well done BP, worth the price! (Posted on 15/01/2014)
    Very effective, but more than one level scoop may be needed... Review by Christian
    First of, I am very satisfied with this product.
    The amount of ingredients and qulaity therof in this product is unbeatable for this price!

    It also tastes suprisingly well and dissolves completely in water, better than any other product I've tried...

    BUT - I was first confused that one level scoop (which is included in the package) didn't push me as good as other products with way less cáffeine per serving.

    I then put the level scoop on a digital scale - and it was actually only 20g of powder - not 27g as stated! That aslo explains why the effect was sub-par for me at first and why I got way more than 20 servings out of my first package.

    I'm kind of confused as to why one scoop weighs less than stated in the product desription. Then again - once you know, it doesn't matter - just take about one and a half scoops, and you are good.

    I would like to know if others came to the same conclusion, or if maybe the wrong scoops were put in my 2 packages?

    So before you follow my advice, weigh a level scoop and see if you can confirm this.

    Christian: First, thanks for your review and glad that you're enjoying it! Well spotted on the scoop. 1 batch does indeed contain an incorrect scoop (a 25ml one) which does only yield approximately 18g... On this basis, anyone with a 25ml scoop should take 1.5 scoops to feel the full effects. Newer batches contain a 40ml scoop, which yields exactly 27g. If you would like a 40ml scoop sent out then please don't hesitate to contact us!
    (Posted on 13/01/2014)
    Seems solid Review by Colin
    Looks like a decent set of ingredients, first week on it so hard to say about the effectiveness.

    Taste is fine, I'd be more concerned if it actually tasted good though as you know they'd be extra junk in there for that.

    Also has anybody else noticed the scoop sizes are nowhere near 27g? I'm getting about 18g unless my scales are broke.

    Colin: First, thanks for your review and glad hat you're enjoying it! Well spotted on the scoop. 1 batch does indeed contain an incorrect scoop (a 25ml one) which does only yield 18g... On this basis, anyone with a 25ml scoop should take 1.5 scoops to feel the full effects. Newer batches contain a 40ml scoop, which yields exactly 27g. If you would like a 40ml scoop sent out then please don't hesitate to contact us! (Posted on 10/01/2014)
    HELP I CAN FEEL MY LEGS Review by JamesP
    This is the best pre workout drink I have ever tried, went to gym yesterday for dreaded Leg workout (Nomally struggling to get down the stairs after this one).

    Finished my normal workout and didn't feel like I had worked at all, had to stay in the gym for extra time and sets just to make it feel like I had done something.

    AWESOME!!!! look forward to trying my other workouts with this. (Posted on 07/01/2014)
    BEST EVER! Review by JimJ
    The best pre-workout I've ever tried and I've used a lot.... Jack3d, Hemo Rage, The Curse, 1MR and lots, lots more.

    Energy is through the roof, but it's a nice and clean energy not the kind where you're amped on stims and know there will be a big come down.

    More importantly strength is up and I'm banging out more reps than ever... energy and pump are great, but this is what a pre workout should do.

    Well done BP you have a winner here :) (Posted on 31/12/2013)
    Awesome!!!!! Review by Rickster
    As above. Not a lot else to say :)

    Want a better workout then buy this. That is all. (Posted on 10/12/2013)
    FANTASTIC! Review by Tom S
    Second week of training, since I moved my gym slot from after work to first thing in the morning and I'l admit I've been struggling with motivation big time! Until now anyway, day one using Elevate and my best morning yet!

    Made a drink of this stuff as soon as I got up, I went for the orange flavour and I'll admit its not the best tasting stuff around. Reminded me of cheap tropical cordial.

    35 minutes later though and I felt its effects setting in. I was noticeably more alert and sat watching the end of the news I soon started to feel restless.

    Psyched for my workout I hit the gym and straight away noticed a difference, I was really able to concentrate on my form while still producing the power I was used to and get things burning. The pump I achieved was phenomenal, looking in the mirror I seamed twice as big as I did yesterday!

    Early days yet, but just the one session using this stuff has really got me motivated for my new early morning regime!

    Same as the lad below, I never typically leave reviews but felt compelled to after having such a great morning!

    Well done Bulk Powders!

    Maybe apply the Pro Series treatment to your complete intra-workout next!? (Posted on 06/12/2013)
    Incredible! Review by Sam T
    I'm not one for leaving reviews but felt I had to.

    I usually make my own pre-workout using BP's ingredients, but when I saw this I thought it actually contained a lot of the ingredients I include in my homemade version.

    I was impressed with the high dosages and took the plunge. First workout with it on Monday was immense. Felt hugely energised and really focused. Hit a PB on bench press and banged out more reps on flys than usual.

    Thought it might not be as good 2nd time round, but used it last not before a legs session and it was my best session ever. I usually do 4 sets of squats, but ended up banging out 8 and boy can I feel it today!

    Taste is ok, could be better, but that's not why I bought it.

    Buy this product as you won't regret it. Oh, and 1 scoop is plenty, any more and I think it would be too strong! (Posted on 05/12/2013)

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