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  1. Complete Energy Gels™ (Box of 20)

    Complete Energy Gels™ (Box of 20)

    • Isotonic sports gel with natural flavours
    • Maintains performance during prolonged exercise
    • Supports muscle recovery after high-intensity exercise
      From €24.99
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    • Gluten Free Ultra Fine Oats

      Gluten Free Ultra Fine Oats

      • Premium quality ground gluten free oats
      • 100% Natural, no added ingredients
      • Low GI and high in fibre
        From €3.49
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      • Protein Porridge Pots

        Protein Porridge Pots

        • Delicious high protein porridge pot
        • Over 20g protein per pot
        • 2 delicious flavours
          From €2.49
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        • Complete Mass™

          Complete Mass™

          • Huge 538 calories per serving
          • Over 40g protein & 5g Leucine
          • Delivers gains in muscle & size

            Based on 38 reviews

            From €15.99
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          • Maca Powder

            Maca Powder

            • Nutrient rich superfood
            • Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids
            • High in fibre

              Based on 8 reviews

              From €4.99
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            • Organic Royal Quinoa Grain

              Organic Royal Quinoa Grain

              • High quality Quinoa Grain
              • Certified Organic by the Soil Association
              • A great source of protein and fibre

                Based on 1 reviews

                From €8.75
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              • Aktivated Barley

                Aktivated Barley

                • Fantastic source of Beta Glucan
                • Patented manufacturing process
                • Rich in nutrients & vitamins
                  From €14.99
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                • D Ribose

                  D Ribose

                  • Synthesises ATP
                  • Increases energy levels
                  • Used by elite athletes

                    Based on 3 reviews

                    From €9.49
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                  • Complete Lean Mass™

                    Complete Lean Mass™

                    • High quality lean mass shake
                    • Perfect 1:1 ratio of protein & carbohydrate
                    • Whey Protein, Milk Protein & Egg Protein

                      Based on 15 reviews

                      From €16.99
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                    • Complete Recovery™

                      Complete Recovery™

                      • Promotes rapid recovery from exercise
                      • Whey Protein Concentrate & Waxy Maize Starch
                      • Leucine, Glutamine & Tart Cherry Extract

                        Based on 7 reviews

                        From €14.99
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                      Items 1-10 of 25


                      Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of energy and are stored in the body as glycogen – both in the liver and more importantly, in the muscles. Whether you need a slow digesting carbohydrate such as ultra fine Scottish oats, or a fast absorbing carbohydrate such as dextrose for post-workout recovery, make sure you’ve got enough fuel to perform to your optimum, day in, day out. Check out our huge range of carbohydrate supplements - all at Europe’s lowest prices!

                      Think of muscle like a fuel tank in your car – no fuel, no performance. While the body can get energy from other sources, carbohydrates are the preferred source. Low carbohydrate levels (and low glycogen) have been continually shown in research to lead to poor performance in weightlifting, football, running and pretty much every sport!

                      There are different types of carbohydrate. Simply, there are complex carbohydrates which release energy in a slow, steady fashion. Alternatively, simple sugars are broken down rapidly and provide a spike of energy.

                      Typically complex carbohydrates, such as Scottish oats, are advised throughout the day to give a steady supply of energy without dramatically raising blood sugar levels. Simple sugars, such as dextrose, are primarily used around training to give a quick supply of energy and to refuel muscles after training.

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