Pure Series™ Storage Shaker™ 600ml

Pure Series™ Storage Shaker™ 600ml

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Shaker bottle with 2 storage compartments
Use it to store powder & capsules
Premium, aesthetic design


BULK POWDERS™ Pure Series™ Storage Shaker™ is a premium shaker, which not only does the job of a regular shaker bottle, but has the added benefit of 2 different storage compartments that can be screwed on and off at your convenience.

The first compartment is perfect for storing tablets, capsules and softgels. The 2-way divider gives you the capacity to store up to 4 different types of capsules, tablets or softgels – without getting them confused with each other. This is ideal for when you’re travelling, on the go, or even just at work.

The second compartment can be used to stored powdered products such as Whey Protein. This means the Storage Shaker™ offers the versatility of safely storing your post-workout shake, while you consume your pre and/or intra workout.

As the 2-way divider can be removed in the first compartment, the Storage Shaker™ can easily cater for pre, intra and post workout shakes.

The Pure Series™ Storage Shaker™ 600ml is dishwasher friendly and looks great too!

For a fantastic shaker bottle at a fantastically low price – look no further than the BULK POWDERS™ Pure Series™ Storage Shaker™ 600ml. 

Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.
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