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1791165870 // Ultra Fine Scottish Oats

Ultra Fine Scottish Oats
  • 100% natural Scottish Oats
  • Packed with vitamins & minerals
  • High quality carbohydrate source
Quality Assured

BULK POWDERS® commitment to quality extends throughout the whole product process; whether it's sourcing of raw materials, production in a pharmaceutical standard clean room or the rigorous testing process for each and every product.

Premium Grade

BULK POWDERS® always uses the finest quality ingredients, no matter the cost. There are no cheap fillers - every ingredient for every product has been carefully selected to ensure it's of a premium grade.

Athlete Endorsed

BULK POWDERS® exceptional array of products are used by a host of competitive athletes, from recreational athletes all the way through to Olympic and International champions.

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    BULK POWDERS™ Ultra Fine Scottish Oats are a highly nutritious source of the finest Scottish Oats available.

    Interestingly, many sources of oat powder lose their goodness when they are ground down in to a fine powder − however, BULK POWDERS™ Ultra Fine Scottish Oats retain 100% of their goodness. They are entirely natural, with no added salt, sugar or additives. They are high in fibre (8.5g/100g), high in protein (11g/100g) and most importantly are a fantastic source of low Glycemic Index carbohydrates (61g/100g), which release energy slowly; making them a great choice for any time of day. In addition, they are a brilliant natural source of vitamins and minerals, such as Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Manganese, Thiamine, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E.

    BULK POWDERS™ Ultra Fine Scottish Oats are ideal for use in combination with other Pure Series™ ingredients such as Protein Supplements and Essential Fatty Acids to create custom made meal replacements and weight gainers. If you are looking for a great tasting energy source, that can also contribute to muscle growth and general health, look no further than BULK POWDERS™ Ultra Fine Scottish Oats.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

    Ultra Fine Scottish Oats Ingredients

    100% Ultra Fine Scottish Oats.

    Ultra Fine Scottish Oats Nutrition Information

    Nutrition per 50g Serving per 100g
    Energy kJ/Kcal 763/180 1526/360
    of which saturates
    of which sugars
    Fibre 4.25g 8.5g
    Protein 5.5g 11g
    Salt 0.04g 0.08g

    Suitable For

    Vegetarians & Vegans.





    Nutritional information per 100g:

    of which sugars
    of which saturates
    of which mono unsaturates
    of which poly unsaturates
    Dietary Fibre
    1525kJ, 361kcal


    Mix 1 scoop (approximately 50g) with 250ml water. Use 1-3 servings daily, in accordance with your nutritional requirements.


    Ultra Fine Scottish Oats can be used as part of a homemade weight gainer or meal replacement. We would suggest combining them with ingredients such as Pure Whey Protein™ and Medium Chain Triglycerides.

    Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Great for weight gain. Review by yabbie
    Great product if you're looking to gain some weight. I use it in shakes, I add plenty of liquid otherwise it can get rather thick and difficult to swallow. Has a slightly grainy texture. (Posted on 31/12/2017)
    Great breakfast Review by DH
    I mix it with milk and add honey and berries. It's so much cheaper than other porridge brands available in supermarkets. I highly recommend it! (Posted on 21/12/2017)
    Got this for my mum. Review by JLH
    My mum is a care worker, works long, physical hours and struggles to put on weight. So i decided to get her on a shake to increase her calorie intake.
    She mixes these oats with mass powder, full fat milk and peanut butter and drinks it throughout the day to add around 800 calories to her diet. She has put on almost 10lbs in the last 6 months, which is excellent for her and shes incredibly happy. (Posted on 13/12/2017)
    Perfect for my morning shake Review by guldbingen
    I use these with casein, mct powder and barley grass powder in my morning shake, this oat powder mixes well and the taste is great, especially for the affordable price. (Posted on 05/12/2017)
    Safe time Review by RS
    My only source of complex carbs are from oats. Usually I make them with milk and some fruits in the morning. Instant Oat Powder saves time and it is easy to mix. (Posted on 04/12/2017)
    Good value Review by maximei
    Perfect to make my own gainer. I mix 1 scoop of oats with 1 scoop of whey and 1 of maltodextrin and it makes a cheaper gainer with everything I need (Posted on 04/12/2017)
    Top product Review by Ant
    I love these. I have them in protein shakes after football or a heavy gym session and in smoothies if thats what I fancy. The bag lasts ages and I have really felt the benefit of having these oats. I do find that I have to add protein powder or other strong flavour to the oats as on their own they can taste a little bland. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Perfect Review by penname
    GM free, very fine so mixes well, great price for 5KG. Prior to this I was putting oats from the supermarket in the blender when making something to drink post-workout. This is much more convenient because it mixes so well. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Convenient source of carbs Review by Jonathon
    Perfect to add into a post workout shake. (Posted on 01/12/2017)
    Excellent value Review by Doberdog
    I mix a serving of these into my breakfast, mid day and post work out shakes. Just throw them in a shaker with plain whey protein, sometimes chocolate powder and sometimes peanut butter, add water, shake and tip it down my neck.

    I don't get why people complain about scratchy feelings/texture - just swallow the stuff. The same goes for the plain whey protein taste or the taste of Creatine Ethel Ester - man up and drink it!

    Anyway, the quality and price are outstanding. (Posted on 26/07/2017)
    Top of the Range Review by Liam
    These fine oats are delicious in any form whether plain or mixed with fruit. The nutrition side to these is also fantastic with low sugar and are surprisingly high in protein and carbohydrates which is great for bulking. They are really quick and easy to make and such good value for money. I recommend trying your own measurements of water per serving however. I like 120ml per three scoops. (Posted on 07/02/2017)
    Worth It Review by Odhran
    A great choice for people looking to get carbs into them relatively easily.

    I play a lot of sport and so use this in my daily shake to ensure I've quality carbs going into me to refuel or to fuel up.

    It is a bit lumpy, and there was some oats in between where you tear the bag and the seal itself - but I'll put that down as a QC mishap which is alright.

    It's unbelievably cheap and useful so 100% recommend. (Posted on 04/01/2017)
    100% awesome Review by Usman
    It dosent get any better then this... (Posted on 20/12/2016)
    Amazing quality and price Review by Adrian
    How cheap!!! I prepare them like i would prepare normal porridge oats, heat with water. They taste great, especially with applesauce and cinnamon! I WOULD DEFINETLY RECOMEND THEM (Posted on 06/12/2016)
    Awesome Review by Adrian
    The plain taste isn't amazing but its not bad. It fills you up. (Posted on 28/11/2016)
    Another awesome product! Review by Martin hannon
    I heat it up like regular oats and add some informed whey afterwards. It's soo much easier to digest when the oats are ground so fine like this and love the texture too!
    Also when you buy in the 5 kg bags and with the constant discounts bulk powders offers it works out just as cheap as store bought oats. (Posted on 21/09/2016)
    lumpy but filliing Review by jonesa
    I found this product really hard to mix and a bit bland, had to force myself to finish but it is a good source of energy and also filled me up for a good few hours (Posted on 12/09/2016)
    GAINS!! Review by ItsHooky
    There's the obvious taste of oats which doesn't bother me at all, the mix ability is great throw it in a shaker with some milk and it goes down like water.

    Great product hella cheap only £10 for 5kg!

    Easy way to make a weight gain shake put 1 or 2 scoops in mix it with some milk and you've got 300 - 500 calories. I personally would recommend getting this with Creatine Monohydrate and then you can bulk up like mad :DD

    Defo buying again! (Posted on 25/08/2016)
    Great Value Review by David_C
    I have been using this product for more than a year now and it has given me good results, excellent carb source to start the day. I would love Bulkpowders though to make a similar product to this like a powder basmatti rice, these two combined would be my ideal breakfast every day. (Posted on 20/08/2016)
    Impressed Review by Drock
    I contacted BP to enquire about how their oats where processed, as I just couldn't find oats in their raw form in the shops ,every shop I looked for oats they are toasted (which destroys most of the minerals in the oats) , I got a prompt reply from BP and they told me that the oats where subject to no heat in the process.

    Having ordered the oats I wasn't expecting the oats to be so fine, but I find this to be great, as I can use the oats in different ways, I can add it to my raw chia seed porridge or can heat it up slightly in a nut milk (sort of has the consistency of ready brek) I can add it to a smoothie or protein shake, loads of possibilities with it.

    Great product I hope BP continue to stock it in the future (Posted on 17/07/2016)
    Very Easy To Drink When Added With Whey And Milk Review by SW
    These oats are very good when you add them along with whey protein and milk or water. These combos make a good breakfast shake. While the oats kinda smell bad when you open the bag they are just fine when you mix them and are easy to drink when mixed with water or milk. (Posted on 29/06/2016)
    Looooooove this Review by Danni
    Perfect for baking with without having to process your own oats. I can see myself spending far too much money on these. Long live banana bread. (Posted on 29/02/2016)
    Great Value Review by Hatter
    I add a scoop of this to the 2 - 3 shakes I have a day.

    Brilliant source of good carbs and keeps me feeling fuller for longer.

    Mixes well (water first), thanks to being a true powder, am going to be buying my second kilo very soon! (Posted on 19/02/2016)
    Keeps me full 'til mid-morning Review by Lawless
    Having an early start to the day means I need a quick and easy 'breakfast' to compile and consume.

    Since discovering the necessity to increase my carbs and protein intake, as I am returning to training following a back injury, I have discovered that 400ml of milk (any type) with two scoops of these oats and a scoop of your protein powder of choice ticks all the boxes. Easy way of upping carb and protein consumption and I've definitely noticed that it keeps me fuller for longer - I'm no longer looking at the clock for my 10.30am snack like I used to when having other breakfast foods. (Posted on 27/10/2015)
    Love it Review by Mahmood
    GREAT QUALITY, GREAT PRICE (Posted on 21/10/2015)
    excellent product Review by GG
    Add to morning smoothies, excellent product. (Posted on 29/09/2015)
    A must have in your supplement cupboard Review by JDM82
    I'll keep this short and to the point. The instant oats are ideal to mix with protein powder and water and get down your neck. I use these for my mid morning meal and around an hour before my late afternoon workout. A good clean source of carbs. They sometimes clump but you get used to it and it's nothing. I highly recommend these. (Posted on 20/09/2015)
    Love Them Review by Rocky Future
    For the price, these oats are an absolute steal :D

    High protein and carb. Often pop them into my vanilla whey protein and milk in a morning for breakfast. Tastes good and doesn't leave me bloated at all.

    They need a bit of a shake to really get them mixed in as they can sink to the bottom but this isn't a problem. 5* (Posted on 08/09/2015)
    brilliant so far Review by naomi
    Only just used these oats today. I mixed them in with there complete protein blend for breakfast for a quick drink and it dose keep you full. I will be trying them with other breakfast drink recipes too. (Posted on 25/08/2015)
    Brilliant Review by Chris
    Brilliant product, I use 3 scoops into my smoothies for pre work out or for breakfast in the morning. Thickens smoothies and adds great source of carbs. Great source of energy, vitamins and minerals. Great product if your looking to bulk up a bit too. Will not be disappointed with purchase! (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Breakfast Sorted Review by Freeman Fitness
    I always try to have Porridge for breakfast to start the day with good clean carbs. Traditional stuff gets boring after a while and you start addind honey etc just to give it flavour. That and a bowl is very filling. With this you just throw two scoops in a shaker (100g) and add milk and bang it back. Job done, calories down, whats for dinner? (Posted on 06/08/2015)
    Fantastic product to get more food in! Review by Ellis
    Being a competitive bodybuilder, when it comes time to pack on high quality muscle I need to eat A LOT of high quality foods. Oats are a great source of clean, dense carbohydrates and what better way to get them down then to mix them in with your protein shakes? I go through bags of these a month when I'm adding size and they work a treat! (Posted on 13/06/2015)
    Try it Review by Peter
    I couldn't believe it would work in a shake but it's so fine u can hardly notice it. Tastes great in a vanilla protein shake. (Posted on 20/05/2015)
    Tasty! Review by Rob
    I mix this with milk, microwave it for a couple of minutes and eat it along with some eggs for breakfast. Tastes great, mixes well in shakes too if you're looking to add carbs / thicken the consistency. Opening the bag I was hit by an almost cookie like smell, absolutely gorgeous stuff. (Posted on 20/05/2015)
    I love this stuff Review by Sarah
    It's good in a shake. It's good mixed with milk/water and a scoop of protein to make protein porridge. Slow release energy is perfect before the gym, after the gym, breakfast, whenever! It's also very convenient that you can scoop it and know how much you are using without weighing it. (Posted on 07/05/2015)
    Excellent! Review by Adnan
    I really love this product. The taste is fine. No chalky aftertaste. Mixes really well. I like to drink this mixed with hot water.

    I really notice a huge difference when I start my early morning workouts I have "clean energy". The days I skip these oats I don't feel so alive for the first part of the day.

    Just ordered another bag!!! Love it! (Posted on 06/02/2015)
    Easy morning meal for fast energy Review by Damo
    Super fast cooking and mixes well if you add some vanilla protein. (Posted on 24/01/2015)
    LUSH Review by ROSS
    Delicious! mix with chocolate miscellar casein for an epic shake. (Posted on 11/12/2014)
    Fantastic Review by Billy
    The best quality, the best price. Can't recommend enough. (Posted on 05/11/2014)
    Good stuff Review by Miki
    With unlimited usage options... (Posted on 20/10/2014)
    happy happy happy Review by sarah
    Mixed just fine and was not an unpleasant taste at all. Happy with the price considering the amount you get its great (Posted on 01/09/2014)
    Very Pleased Review by Sean
    For the Value I cant complain, Doesn't mix great with just water but in a blender or with some whey protein its fine,

    Also a good idea for Bulk Powders which is cheap and effective would be to include a slide for the resealable so you can slide it closed to ensure quality after opening.

    Overall I Am very very happy. (Posted on 27/08/2014)
    Quality products Review by Alex
    As with all of the Bulk Powder products, this product didn't disappoint.

    The flavours is good. The product mixes well with water and milk and don't stick to the bottom of the shaker like other protein powders can.

    I add oats to my morning shake and post gym shake and they work really well. Easy to manage and digest.

    I've tried far more expensive products and I think this is as good as those offered by ON.

    These are great value as well with a wide range.

    I would recommend these products to a friend. (Posted on 05/08/2014)
    Excellent Review by Chris
    Excellent quality. Not much to really say about taste but they do the job. The packaging however is useless and only suffices as a carrier. You will need to invest in a £3 large tub to decant these into. (Posted on 16/05/2014)
    Great stuff Review by Dudey
    I've been looking for a way to consume oats in a drink as I hate the texture of porridge and this is great!

    No chalky or powdery taste like you get if you mill your own oats. I put 50g-100g in a fruit smoothie (pineapple juice, water, bananas, blueberries and peanut butter) and this gets my energy levels right. And the price is so cheap - definitely recommended! (Posted on 04/05/2014)
    Bad bag, good oats Review by Thomas
    Well priced and the oats were of a good quality, would however like them a bit more fine.

    Bag it came in was a bit rubbish, after a week or so it stopped closing properly. (Posted on 10/04/2014)
    Can't get enough of this stuff Review by Finchy
    I have this every day for breakfast with a scoop of raspberry protein powder, absolutely delicious. Add blueberries and even more tastier. (Posted on 19/03/2014)
    Incredible value! Review by Brock
    Very cheap, yet effective, especially to boost carb and calorie intake! Doesn't mix very well, but it's manageable if you drink it quickly. (Posted on 11/03/2014)
    I like, it's nice Review by Alex
    Very good for when you on the go or haven't got time to cook oats, but still can't beat bowl of whole oats with added Complete Protein Blend (half of a scoop cookie flavour, got to be cookie!) some flaked almond, raisins and dried apricots... mmmmm (Posted on 25/02/2014)
    Top Quality Review by Dave S
    What can I say? 5kg for €12.99. Mixes great with my post workout shake. No complaints! (Posted on 29/01/2014)

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