Vegan Mass Gainer

Vegan Mass Gainer

vegetarian vegan gm free gluten free dairy free lactose free soya free ...
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Vegan-friendly weight gainer
30g Protein & 367kcal per serving
Gluten Free Oats & MCTs


What is Vegan Mass Gainer?

BULK POWDERS® original Vegan Gainer hit the UK market in 2016 and it was very well received. So well received in fact that we saw quite a few knock-off versions pop up amongst our competitors. We took a step back and reviewed our initial formula, highlighting areas where we felt it could be improved, with our launch of Vegan Mass Gainer we believe that we’ve achieved a truly complete vegan-friendly weight gain shake.

Unlike many other vegan weight gain formulas on the market, Vegan Mass Gainer is entirely free from soya and gluten whilst being naturally flavoured, naturally coloured and naturally sweetened with Stevia Extract. This ensures that you can have complete confidence in our Vegan Mass Gainer which not only utilises high-quality ingredients but also tastes fantastic.

Each serving of Vegan Mass Gainer has over 30g protein which will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. This protein content is powered by our V+™ protein blend which consists of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, Pumpkin Protein, Flaxseed Powder and Quinoa Flour.

In addition to this, each serving of Vegan Mass Gainer has a combination of Gluten Free Ultra Fine Oats and Maca Powder to provide over 40g of complex carbohydrates. This ensures a steady release of energy that is high in fibre and low in sugar. The low sugar content makes it a perfect shake to consume at any time of the day.

Finally, we’ve added some vegan-friendly Medium Chain Triglycerides in the form of goMCT™ as well as 100mg of the popular digestive enzyme complex, DigeZyme®.

After months of development, BULK POWDERS® have ensured that this product provides some of the finest ingredients with the right balance of flavours to create the best tasting Vegan Mass Gainer on the market, perfect for those looking to gain weight and support muscular recovery. Vegan Mass Gainer is available in three fantastic flavours; Chocolate Peanut, Strawberry and all-new Banana Caramel.

Benefits of Vegan Mass Gainer

  • Vegan-friendly weight gainer
  • 367kcal per serving
  • Three great flavours
  • V+™ protein blend of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, Pumpkin Seed Protein, Flaxseed Powder and Quinoa Flour
  • Soya free and with no artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings
  • 100mg of added DigeZyme®
  • 30g protein per serving to support muscle growth
  • Added Vegan-friendly MCTs
  • High in fibre and low sugar
  • Added Maca Powder
  • Low GI Ultra-Fine Gluten Free Oats

Why Buy Vegan Mass Gainer?

If you're vegan and looking to increase the calorie content of your diet, alongside a source of high-quality protein, then Vegan Mass Gainer is the perfect choice for you. Each serving has over 30g protein sourced from our V+™ blend of Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Pumpkin Protein, Flaxseed Powder and Quinoa Flour, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. A huge 367kcal per serving will also make it ideal for anyone looking to increase their calorie intake.

What’s in Vegan Mass Gainer?

Pea Protein Isolate: BULK POWDERS® Pea Protein Isolate has been used in Vegan Mass Gainer due to its 80% protein content, neutral flavour, excellent mixability and creamy consistency. Super Pea Protein is 100% GMO free and provides a great source of Arginine.

Brown Rice Protein: Brown Rice Protein is also 80% protein and provides an excellent source of Cysteine. The highest quality, non-GMO Brown Rice Protein has been chosen for Vegan Vegan Mass Gainer.

Pumpkin Protein: BULK POWDERS® Pumpkin Protein has a high 60% protein content along with a neutral flavour, good mixability and a whole host of micronutrients. Pumpkin Protein is a natural source of Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Iron. It contributes a significant source of Magnesium, Copper and Manganese to Vegan Mass Gainer.

Flaxseed Powder: Flaxseed Powder is normally predominantly thought of as a source of healthy fats. However, our Flaxseed Powder is 35% protein and high in fibre. Importantly, the Flaxseed Powder also helps the consistency of Vegan Mass Gainer, negating any graininess from other vegan protein sources.

Quinoa Flour: One of the oldest grains in the world, Quinoa Flour is a natural source of protein, Zinc, Iron and Calcium.

Ultra-Fine Gluten Free Oats: Oats provide a healthy source of carbohydrate that fuel the body with a sustained release of energy and additionally are a great source of healthy fibre. This ingredient ensures that Vegan Mass Gainer is suitable for anyone following a gluten free diet.

goMCT™: Medium Chain Triglycerides are seen as a form of easily digestible fat and a source of calorie-dense source of fuel. Most MCT powders contain casein which is derived from milk and thus makes them unsuitable for vegans. This is where goMCT™ comes in as it’s a blend of MCT oil and Acacia Gum. No dairy in sight!

DigeZyme®: DigeZyme® is a popular blend of five digestive enzymes: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Lactase and Cellulase. These digestive enzymes help to break down protein, carbohydrate, cellulose and fat.

Who is Vegan Mass Gainer Suitable For?

Vegan Mass Gainer is suitable for anyone looking for a vegan-friendly source of protein, low GI carbohydrates and calories. It is comprised of the highest quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats with all-natural flavours, colours and sweetener.

Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.
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Nutrition Information

Gluten Free Ultra Fine Oats, V+™ Protein Blend (Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, Pumpkin Seed Protein, Flaxseed Powder, Quinoa Flour), Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Peanut Flavour Only), Natural Flavouring, Maca Powder, goMCT™ Vegan Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder (Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil, Gum Acacia), Natural Colouring (Beetroot Red - Strawberry Flavour Only), Instantising Agent (Sunflower Lecithin), Sweetener (Stevia Extract), Citric Acid (Strawberry Flavour Only), DigeZyme® Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase).

Nutritionper 100g
Energy kJ/Kcal1549/367
of which saturates
of which sugars


For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Suitable for

Vegetarians, Vegans, Soya Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free.



Mix 3 scoops (approx. 100g) with 400ml-500ml water and shake well in a BULK POWDERS® shaker bottle. Use 1-3 servings per day, whenever additional calories are required.

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Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.



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